PV5 Insert Hopper

Belt over chain, Stainless steel Spreader

The Meyer PV range are in body or trailer mounted spreaders. They all feature a conveyor belt system over a chain which delivers a wide variety of materials to the rear spinner disc. A total of six adjustable baffles ensure you can deliver the exact amount of material precisely where you want it. The complete system is almost silent being powered from a 12v electric motor that is operated by wireless remote control. Standard features include a top screen to break up large clumps of material, belt shields, and the Meyer inverted 'V' to prevent bridging.

PV5 Insert hopper (5ft)

  • Salt/sand/ mixed material spreader for double cab 1 ton pickups.
  • 802 litres - 1122kg capacity with spreading width of 1-6 metres.
  • Hopper length 1.5 metres. Overall length 2 metres.
  • Unladen weight 229kg.
  • Stainless steel hopper for durability.
  • 12v heavy duty electric motor 3/4hp.
  • Material movement is by rubber belt over a steel chain.
  • Wireless remote control variable speed controller.
  • 13" poly spinner disc.
  • Low profile design for improved operator visibility

  • Spreads Salt and sand and mixed material.
  • Fitted with the PV/LPV mounting kit onto the bed of the pickup.
  • 12 v supply electric drive.
  • Stainless steel hopper for corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Spread width from 1-9 metres
  • Internal and external baffle plate for precise placement of material.
  • Drop and lock top screen as standard for increased safety and reduced maintenance.
  • Self cleaning conveyor chain, minimizing maintenance.
  • Wireless remote for easy control of spreader.
  • 115 litre pre-wet system to decrease salt consumption (includes cab mounted variable speed controller).



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