Mitox 3814 Chainsaw

The Mitox 3814 is a lightweight, easy to use entry level chainsaw packed with premium features. Ideal for novice or domestic chainsaw users, the 3814 benefits from the Mitox SmartPull starter mechanism, reducing resistance in the starter cord by up to 30%.

The 37.2cc engine features a Walbro Japan carburettor, ensuring optimal performance and reliability, and powers a 14” Oregon guide bar and chain.

Mitox SmartFlow actively separates dust from the air reaching the air cleaner, meaning user maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Chain Brake System
All Mitox chainsaws feature a dual safety brake system which can be activated either manually, or by inertia in the occurrence of a kick-back. Once activated, the chain stops instantly (0.1 seconds) to reduce the chances of injury.

Aluminium Crankcase
The solid aluminium crankcase can withstand high revving as well as being used in extreme environments. Ensuring a long and reliable engine life.

SMART FLOW = Long life
Mitox Chainsaws feature ‘SMART FLOW’ which removes dust away from the filter during operation. This allows the saw to continue working at optimum performance for longer, with less engine wear over time, leading to lower service costs.

SmartPull Recoil Assist
The combined design of the engine and recoil assembly ensures easier pulling and quicker starting of the Mitox Chainsaw. With ‘SmartPull’ Recoil Assist, the engine is up to 30% easier to start.

2 Year Warranty
Engineered for durability, all Mitox products feature an extensive 2 year homeowner warranty as standard.

Engine 37.2cc 2-Stroke
Power 1.1kW
Guide Bar Brand Oregon
Guide Bar Length 14 inch / 35cm
Chain Pitch .375LP
Starting System SmartPull recoil assist & Primer
Carburettor Type Walbro Japan
Chain Oiling Automatic & Adjustable
Weight 5.4kg inc bar and chain


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